Balanz Group

A fully Argentine Security Market integrated Group focused on Financial Activities and local Capital Markets.

Balanz Capital operates as an authorized clearing and settlement Agent on the MERVAL (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange), on the MAE (over the counter market), on ROFEX (Money and Commodity Futures Market) and as an Asset Manager within its own Mutual Fund business unit.

With this structure, our management capabilities within the market allow us to manage efficiently all of the available capital market transactions in the domestic financial industry with monthly turnover of around US$3 billion. 

The regulations governing the markets in which we operate (MERVAL, MAE, ROFEX and Mutual Fund funds administration) complement our shareholders’ firm commitment to providing security and transparency for our clients.

Over 15 Years of Experience 

Client driven value-added services

Since its foundation, Balanz’s Absolute return product Invertir Global has witnessed continuous AUM growth with an annualized performance of 17.5% above the variation of the Argentine peso vs. the USD. 

Balanz Capital’s Traders and analysts at Balanz Capital perform with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency in the Argentine economy and external markets both during periods of stability and during periods dominated by high volatility.
Balanz Capital Group's strong market position highlights our group’s structural strengths which have helped us achieve a continuous growth trajectory based on the sophisticated and vigilant analysis of business cycles and agile decision-making in increasingly volatile markets. 
The company's position in various rankings underpins the success of our balanced approach.


Balanz Capital is a Argentina’s leading, fully integrated Capital Markets operator.


Agente de Liquidación y compensación y Agente de Negociación - Propio N° 210

Balanz Capital Securities SA is a shareholder of the Securities Market of Buenos Aires (Merval) Mercado de Valores de Buenos Aires, through which operates the main stock market in the country together with the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BCBA) and the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires.


Agente de Liquidación y compensación y Agente de Negociación - Propio N° 165

Balanz Capital, through the over-the-counter market called MAE, participates in the electronic market for trading securities and foreign currency futures in Argentina.


Agente ROFEX

As risk managers for our customers, Balanz Capital believes that having access to the currencies and commodities futures market is an indispensable tool. This enables our investors to have full coverage against the risks arising from FX volatility.


Administradora de Fondos Comunes de Inversión

Through our own Mutual Fund Manager Company, we provide investment tools and vehicles to protect and increase our clients’ wealth while striving to protect capital in times of turmoil. All of our funds use the same investment policy that rests on the core principles of diversification, liquidity, transparency and security.