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The object of our mutual fund is to maintain capital and gain purchase power in the mid and long term. 

This fund is specially oriented for those investors who want to keep their wealth safe from volatility and expect periodic results through the year.

Fondo Cuotaparte Var. Diaria (%) Var. Mensual (%) Var. a/a (%) Var. Anual (%) Var. 2017 (%) Var. 2016 (%)
BALANZ CAPITAL RENTA FIJA Clase A 5,476079 0,25 2,03 21,77 14,25 18,33 32,18
BALANZ CAPITAL RENTA FIJA Clase B 5,654529 0,25 2,09 22,69 14,72 19,22 33,17

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Our customers trust Balanz Capital Mutual Funds due to our professionalism and transparency of our asset management. Our Mutual Funds have public quote so our customers can know the value through our website and other relevant sources.

Commitment is other of our cared assets. We are our major investors in our Mutual Funds. Balanz Capital Group has been the first investor having bought $ 4.000.000 demonstrating our confidence. Investment decisions affect equally our customers investments and our own.

Our Mutual Funds follow the diversification principle. Our experience throughout the years has shown that the way to make good business and at the same time mitigate risk is buying diversified assets.

We invite you to invest in our Mutual Funds to have your assets being managed professionally.

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Commercial Business Units

  • Institutional Clients for Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds and Institutions who need our mutual funds for diversification.
  • Corporate & Investment Banking for Large Companies and SME's who need our mutual funds to manage diversification and liquidity.
  • Wealth Management for Individuals who choose to have their investments managed by professionals.


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