We are Balanz Value specialists

We live in the present, thinking permanently in the future.

We offer tools to protect and increase your assets. All funds use the same investment policy that the group has in its basic principles: ersification, liquidity and transparency to provide security.

About us

Balanz is a fully Argentine Security Market integrated Group focused on Financial Activities and local Capital Markets with over 15 years delivering client driven value-added services.

What we do

Balanz Capital is a Argentina’s leading, fully integrated Capital Markets operator committed to be an industry leader in asset management and wealth creation.

Our philosophy

Ethical commitment and professionalism are vital to our relationships with our clients, employees, shareholders and local communities.


Customized advice to your needs

Your financial advisor will analyze your needs and based on Balanz's market research, it will provide you with the best available options for making decisions about your assets, aligning them to your plans.

Real-time market information and insights

We provide timely and detailed information about industries, markets and their trends.

Our International Team is ready to meet you present and future needs.

Balanz Research team has built a local and international reputation through exhaustive analysis of companies and context

Our International Team is Ready to meet your present and future needs

If you are looking forward on investing excellence in Argentina or you are seeking for an expert counterpart to improve your execution services, Balanz expertise should be taken into consideration.